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At Kauri Design Studio , we craft your dream space according to you and your family needs. Our expert advice informs you about different design choices and tradeoffs - whether they are related to developing new designs, or creating more space. We believe that the better informed you are, the more successful our mutual collaboration will be…

Full Service Design

The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential/commercial and retail spaces. We provide design consulting as well as turnkey interior solutions.

All our designs are unique and tailored across projects; We aim to design each space showcasing its distinctive elements that define the values of those who reside in it. We aspire to design each place, keeping in mind the client's lifestyle, life stage, and aspirations.

We work with the clients from the initial stage of a project to define layouts, with details like furniture, lighting, and styling your place for you to move in.

Designer on Call

If you need a designer's eye to help you with the final decision or if you need a professional opinion on your space planning, material selection, finishes, paint colors, furnishing, etc., to be assured before making a significant investment.

We understand how emotionally you are attached to building your dream home. To guide you with the best advice, we at Kauri Design Studio strive to draw on our collective skills, intuition, and experience to provide a design-led solution as per your needs.

In case you are short of budget for full service, No worries! We are here to help.

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